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Wave Pleat curtains provide elegant continuous wave folds that project forward and back underneath the curtain track or rod.

These beautiful ripple style folds run all the way from the top to the bottom of the curtain, and from one end of the track or rod to the other, creating a simple but stylish look that provides a modern feel to any room.

We have three options for Wavetapes...
- MAGNUM Wavetape - (Transparent / Variable fullness) - for use on our dedicated Wavetrack and Waverod systems.
- NOVA Wavetape - 
(Transparent / Variable fullness) - Like MAGNUM but with a firmer finish for heavier curtains
- Eliza Wavetape - (Transparent / 1:1.8 OR 1:1.5 fullness) - can be used on any track or rod.
- Matilda Wavetape - (White / 1:1.8 fullness) - can be used on any track or rod.

An even number of hooks must be used on any amount of fullness.